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Active in Chartering Business based on our heritage as Ship Owners since beginning, mainly handling Dry Bulk and General Cargo.

Our Chartering Department is engaged in all types of Charter for major and vital commodities securing suitable ships of different sizes for efficient & effective transportation of our Principal’s cargo from its origin to its destination.

Pioneer Shipping Agent covering all Egyptian Ports and Suez Canal Transit through our own offices all over main Egyptian Ports.

We operate as Full Shipping Agency for all kinds and sizes of ships in addition to specialized oil fields, mining ports and the Transit of Suez Canal. Our Agency Department renders, as well, Protecting Agency and husbandry services to a worldwide leading list of Owners and Charterers.

In the oil, bulk and general cargo fields we are exclusive Agents for major principles, which enables us through the daily direct contact to develop good and special relationship with reputable Egyptian Cargo Shippers and Receivers, as well as oil refineries and terminals in Egypt. We also serve as Agents for Navy ships transiting Suez Canal and for Navy visits to Egyptian ports.
Cost efficiency and optimized prompt solutions are among our agency’s core values.